About Us

We've been creating brand experiences for more than 20 years.

With over 4,000 projects and 2 decades of experience, we understand that the dynamics of consumer expectations continue to evolve at a rapid pace. To keep up, we must base on a data-centric, holistic view of each customer, their interaction history, and preferences, to target customers according to where they are and their interests to provide a hyper-personalized, convenient, and memorable experience for them.

Years of operation

We are tech-savvy marketer with an operational mindset

We bring brand stories to life through multiple touchpoints via engaging activities by combining our tech-savvy thinking, strategic approach, operational mentality, and nationwide footprint.

Multimedia integration

Interactive media
Multi-sensory media
Virtual reality media

Strategic planning

Through-the-line activities
Consistent brand story
Measurable impact

3C principle

Clear operational instruction
Consistent action protocol
Compelling brand message

Meet our team

We are enthusiastic about communicating with customers through various contact points and engaging activities.

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